The Qualcomm Gimbal is a lower cost beacon to Apple’s iBeacon. With the lower cost beacons they are more accessible to every body. The Gimbal beacons are available in two models indoor and outdoor. The indoor beacons cost about $5 USD and the outdoor(weatherproof) beacons cost about $10 USD. This is a dramatic decrease in comparison to other beacons. The Gimbal is comparable with the iOS software, and let retailers develop their own iOS apps. The users do not need to worry about the company or provider that is giving the support they will work universally.


Peer to peer sharing of information. The video shows how communication and data are shared from one device to another. While standing in line or no line at all, your favorite drink or item is ordered. The sale of the day or the special offer, there can be an instant sharing of information.

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UNR iBeacon Scenario

iBeacons that could help someone visually impaired get around easier? This could happen in the near future. This video I made shows how someone could use an iBeacon to get around campus. It’s a simple idea for something that is already being used to help people shop and locate things. My hope is that this video can help bring to light the possibility of an iBeacon being set up around campus that a disabled person could find on their smart phone and have it aid them throughout the day to to help find places they would need to go.

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Helping those with visual impairments — Apple provides iOS technologies to help the visually impaired navigate their devices and the world around them including text-to-speech capabilities, dictation technology built into Siri, and support for Bluetooth Braille displays. iBeacon setups could tap into these technologies to provide specific information about a space or venue useful to the visually impaired.

While reading an article about the “10 things iBeacon could transform that have nothing to do with retail.” I felt that this quote was pertinent to show the brief synopsis on how it could help those with visual impairments. It was also comical because it was the shortest blurb on the 10 things list even though it could have the largest personal impact on an individuals life who is blind or has sight impairments. 

Helping those w…

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iBeacon for indoor positioning

The article below discusses how the iBeacon can be used for the airport and locating your terminal, the mall, finding your parked car and many, many more functions. The main functions that were mentioned is that they work indoors unlike GPS, are energy efficient, they work in all weather and don’t require Wifi or data connection.

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iBeacon accessibility

iBeacon accessibility has many new uses that are making the software more user friendly and a capable  device for users with vision impairments. The device gives the ability to mark when they are getting close to a door or steps and to turn on lights and let the user know where there is an accessible entrance.

The iBeacon is also developing for the non-impaired as well and is coming up with new capabilities such as how to find your car in a busy parking lot or to put on your bike so no one can “walk away with it.” With the functionality expanding outside of the impaired realm it might help to perpetuate the number of beacons and the places that interact with them. This in turn will help the impaired because it could offer more accessibility for them due to increased “hype.”

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