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Thoughts on the iBeacon

The introduction of the iBeacon has huge potential to be a successful aid to not only the visually impaired, but to the rest of society as well. The location services that the iBeacon offers could drastically influence accessibility to specific locations for those who might need it, as well as for the everyday consumer. One of the biggest questions that arises is not the functionality of the app, but practicality. As far as its use as an aid for the retail consumer, the iBeacon is seemingly practical. Do a search for a particular item and the iBeacon would be able to direct you to it, but where I foresee the issue arising is how realistic and reliable is it that there will be enough iBeacons around to work efficiently for those who would need it as a means of a maneuverability aid. There would need to be a huge investment in setting up enough iBeacons around town along markers such as bus stops, public benches, and possible hazards etc. in order for it to work appropriately for the visually impaired. My question is, since there is no retail value for setting up iBeacons in public settings, what incentive would the producer have to invest in establishing enough iBeacons around town?