iBeacon in Accessibility, iBeacon Technology

IBeacon accessibility and barriers

The iBeacon was introduced in mid 2013 and by December Apple activated iBeacons in 254 retail stores across the US, 20 ibeacons per store. With this rapid and fast changing new technology limited access will not take long to be broken down. Apples iBeacons have naturally some competitors. Qualcomm introduced their Gimbal proximity beacons in 2013 also. These are at a lower cost and come in indoor and outdoor models. Possible 250 million ibeacons in use in by the year 2014 this is a lot considering they just released them one year prior. There is said to be an estimated 170-190 million iOS devices are currently capable of being iBeacons
could swell to 250 million

if holiday sales of 2014. Over 200 million in projected iPhone sales in 2014. Some 90 percent of ArmorActive’s sales involve iPads, 88 percent of its customers are using iOS, 10 percent use Android, and only 2 percent are on Windows devices. The barriers to the iBeacons. The main barrier for the impaired population is that they will need the iBeacon device that they will have to receive the iBeacons signals. The beacons will be low enough cost to have them in the proper locations for use. I also see a barrier that could be would having someone that could set it up in ones home this may be an issue also maintenance of the beacons. The beacons are lasting a year on their battery life but someone must be on a schedule to change them and keep them up-to-date. Qualcomm’s Wipower technology allows wireless charging and this may be the solution to batteries, the owner could walk up next to the beacon set the charger close enough for it to get a charge and no fuss, also cost effective. All and all I see them being integrated with ease in our very tech savvy world.


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