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The ibeacon although brand new technology definitely has the potential to be extremely helpful if not life changing for those with disabilities. One of the ways for the ibeacon to enhance movement is by making entering into buildings very accessible. This s done with the E-z function. This function as of now allows for an authorized disabled employee upon reaching a door it will automatically open for them.  This capability can be expanded to allow for the opening of all doors throughout a building without having to punch the button, if available.  This will allow for safer and faster passage through doors and walkways. The ibeacon with this capability can also be brought into homes providing the same door opening capabilities along with the  turning on of lights, heat, air conditioning, possibly even water faucets and showers.  I know presently there are voice activated tools to allow for some of these functions but this could be developed to be even more functional and efficient.  This new application has the potential to help equalize some of the daily obstacles disabled people face. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9242393/Why_Apple_s_indoor_GPS_plan_is_brilliant


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