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Buy-In for Micro-Location Accessibility

You are out on a late summer evening running some errands. The Reno night air is cool against your skin and the bustling noises of the passing traffic tickles your ears. You need to catch a bus to the third terminal on Virginia Street in order to reach your next destination. Unfortunately though, the micro-location transmitters you were using a moment ago to navigate, being that you are a visually impaired individual, are no longer available. They have not been installed in this particular location. It seems now that catching your bus will be just as tricky as old times…

One of the downfalls of the new iBeacon operating system in terms of its possible use for micro-location accessibility is that it requires a large amount of public buy-in, both through community commitment and partnership. Since the technology seems to be currently aimed at promoting retail endeavors, the operating system is only available in participating venues thus far. Perhaps even the technology has been installed on university campuses, in museums, or in theme parks in order to allow for ease of use, which further extends its coverage boarders. However, the coverage of iBeacon and Bluetooth 4.0 technology is still far from universal.

This is a barrier to the use and promotion of the new iBeacon technology in micro-location accessibility. The community will need to come together, forging a conversation regarding the future uses of the iBeacon technology system. This is the only way that mico-location accessibility through the iBeacon operating system will be made possible.


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