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other published posts on how iBeacons can assist the visually impaired

As a legally blind person having an iPhone has made my life much easier while giving me more independence and now…
Meet iBeacons, the new INDOOR GPS SYSTEM Apple is integrating into iOS 7.
iBeacons will revolutionize how visually impaired, blind, people dealing with anxiety, people with any disabilities and anyone else move inside a building, whether is a store, mall, airport, train/bus station, museum, concert venue, sports stadium, college, school, supermarket, movie theatre, etc…
Beacons technology can be used in any iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C and on Android phones that supports this technology.

Why I say this technology helps people with anxiety?
Well, is well known a indoor GPS will help visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing, deaf and people with any disabilities find their way in any building, but what noone is saying is how people like me who has ANXIETY will profit from this beacons technology.
When I travel to the US and go to Port Authority in NYC, I get my anxiety levels high because if I need a bus never know where to go to find it, yes people can help but sometimes to a degree, at night for instance I would find myself depending on a friend to help me find my way to the bus door.
Imagine being at the entrance of Port Authority and take out your iPhone or Android and be able to know where you are located and more importantly how to get from your current location to your desired location inside the building, easily be able to locate a bathroom, an exit, an elevator, bus numbers areas, etc…
Thanks to ibeacons this is going to happen probably in the near future.
For me, my anxiety will go down a lot when in a strange building because technology will guide me, to me that is a MIRACLE!!!

Now, here is a link so you can learn all the basics of what ibeacons can and will do:

While this is going on, Google is mapping buildings all across America with their own technology and will have indoor GPS apps also accessible for the blind to navigate a building.
Here is a link that talks abit about this:

As you can see, Apple and Google are working super hard on having soon indoor GPS systems in place that not only will allow them to make money but will certainly help our visually impaired, blind, people dealing with anxiety, people with disabilities in general and people in general.
The future is NOW!!!

Email: lowvisionbureau@gmail.com


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